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Cheat Engine 7.1

Modifies files and processes of computer games
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Simplify or diversify the process of playing video games in your Windows OS. Access their internal files and adjust different values to change corresponding in-game parameters. Adjust such things as health, money, resources, reaction times and enemy characteristics. The utility also debugs some games.

Cheat Engine 5.5 is a superb software tool which will help gamers to get through difficult stages in a game. Cheat Engine (also commonly known as CE) is an open-source program. It allows gamers to cheat in games by means of a hex memory searcher and editor. The searcher and editor allows the user to change certain memory address and values, which directly influences the game.

The program has got various scan facilities which scans the complete data structure of the game and helps get the list of memory address which gets on smaller and smaller after each scan. This wonderful software tool has got a Client-Server version by means of which other users can connect to a server to have their games hacked in a common manner. User can prepare their own trainer like memory trainer which allows them to create their own cheats and assign hotkeys. Moreover, even if the design interface doesn’t seem good in the game, user can design their own. By making changes in the memory, user can get the advantage of infinite health, time and ammunition. Some Graphics tools are also available by which user can see through the walls and hidden spots in the game.

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  • Cheat in computer games
  • Hack PC
  • Open source so free
  • Permits to change interface of game


  • Could be used for wrong doings by cracking into others PC
  • Might leave some registry files after uninstalling
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